Gay romance fiction

NINC 2018

27-28 September 2018

We're going to have a busy weekend covering a tremendous amount of content; I talk fast as hell and I know people sometimes forget to note titles and such.

 I wanted y'all to have access to digital copies of the handouts just in case which I've hotlinked below.

n.b. These handouts did not fall from the sky. Please don't share the files or this link with anyone who didn't attend the NINC 2018 workshop.

If you're interested in book recommendations on specific topics or information about my workshop schedule or other classes I offer, check out my classes page.

 "For an endless moment, Runt imagined the crooked corporation had folded and they’d been forgotten, laughing and living together under these perfect suns, waiting for wives that would never come, happily hunting fresh meat at the sharp edge of the galaxy." (Grown Men - D. Suede)