Gay romance fiction


This page is a catch-all for reviews and rants related to gay romance fiction and LGBT genre writing in general. I'm especially interested in the ways the homoerotic romance is evolving and its impact on the readers and writers. Not sure if these will be of interest to anyone, but articulating this stuff sometimes stirs my mental chili.

Bodybuilder archedRANTS & RAMBLING:



Since I'm an opinionated cuss and have been writing for a lot of years in a lot of genres, I've written a few articles for writers about work-specific topics related to craft, promotion, and career development. Many of these appeared at Romance University or in Rainbow Romance Writers' Pot of Gold blog/magazine but found extended life in the RWA chapter magazines which subsequently republished them. Folks keep asking where they can find copies... so now that time has passed, I include them here. Other sites and magazines have requested professional pieces, so in the months to come, I'll be adding more to this how-to collection.



These are pretty random... in most cases, the books that elicited these comments just happen to be romances I read and enjoyed when I had time to articulate an opinion. Or books that had problems that raised interesting questions.